Navigator Update

Head over to the Windows Phone Store and download a free trial!

Application Icon Store

If you tried it before you might want to give it another shot. There are a lot of improvements and it is much more useable overall. Here is a screen shot of the new UI:

navigator screenshot

Here is a list of some of the new features:

  • 3 months free trial, $1.29 to purchase.
  • Current maneuver shows an icon rather than the full maneuver text.
  • Easier to read maneuver text at top of screen.
  • Preview the entire route with simple forward and back buttons.
  • An estimated time of arrival is displayed.
  • Quick reminders when approaching a maneuver on long routes.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where it would randomly think you were off route.
  • Fixed a sensitivity bug where it would think you were off route on a wide road.
  • Fixed a bug where entering the route from somewhere beyond the first maneuver would not put you on route.
  • Various stability fixes.
  • Added a screen for sending me crash reports directly when unexpected errors occur.

Overall it’s a much more stable and useable version. If you give it a try and  have any feedback please let me know!

Clipboard app released to Win8 App Store

Leo and I recently released an application to the Windows 8 app store. It’s a very simple app called Clipboard! Download it at the app store here:

Clipboard is OSS on codeplex here as well:

Dictionary Lookup Chrome Extension

Things are a little slow today and I was tired of not having some type of plug-in for looking up the definition of words while reading so I decided to cook up my own real quick.


Give it a shot:

PS: You might have to install a beta version of chrome first.


It’s pretty basic, you just select some text in the browser and a little book icon shows up in the address bar. If you click it, it will open a new tab for you at with the selected text already searched for. Nice and simple.




While it didn’t take long to do it, I have to admit doing the whole thing in javascript was a less than savory experience. I think I’m spoiled by my static languages.