Upgrading to NBusiness 2.1

I finally spent some time last night updating this blog site. I still have a few things that I want to do but I got some of the big things out of the way. The first big one was upgrading to NBusiness v2.1, actually it was pretty easy to do but I wasn’t sure how it would work out.

For anyone out there running 2.0.1 and thinking about upgrading to 2.1 I’ll try to list some issues you are bound to encounter. The first one is the change from using the static CreateNew() method to using constructors. so if you have code like this:

Blog blog = Blog.CreateNew();

You will need to change it so that it looks like this:

Blog blog = new Blog();

Much better if you ask me! Also the old create new methods will still be generated but it will give you an obsolete error message so you can find and change them easily. You may also have to change references to NBusiness in your website, i had to alter a web.config file that had version information in it. Other than that I had to run the sql stored procedures it created on my new site to get it to work which is fine.

Also there is one big problem I encountered and that is that the scripts will generate sibling relationship tables and scripts and keys at the bottom of “complete.sql” not at the top with the rest of the tables! Which means if you try to run just the scripts be sure to search for ALL of the table drop/create scripts because I accidentally dropped my BlogsTopics tables when upgrading. Which turned out to be ok because I wanted to redo them anyway (I had too many useless topics) but it could have been really bad in a bigger site.

I’ll probably make NBusiness v2.1 available as the primary download on codeplex later today (you can get it right now from the planned release section).

The biggest new feature of NBusiness 2.1 is the ability to use some generated objects to create dynamic sql. So when you go to create custom fetch methods its much faster than the current system. The other features are listed on the download page.

Rockband and Homebrew Aftermath

So it turned out that my homebrew was undrinkable. It seems it had sat too long and suffered from a mild infection so I had to dump it out. Fortunately we had Surly Bender to the rescue! After thinking about it a little bit I headed out to Midwest Supplies and picked up some equipment to upgrade my keggerator to be compatible with both American Standard and Kornelius kegs. This is a pretty nice upgrade!


Actually there was on piece that didn’t quite work right so I have a little bit more work to go. The piece was a splitter that turned out to be a one-way splitter. It turns out that you can’t combine the flow with this splitter, you can only split it. So I had to do a temporary splice directly from the tap to the keg, but I will probably go back and get something like this 3/8” Stainless Steel Barbed “T” instead and save my self $30 in the process.
The beer was delicious and the food was good and we had some good friends come over and had some fun. There were a few people who I was hoping would show up but couldn’t for various reasons (you know who you are) so that was a little unfortunate. Otherwise we ended up playing Rockband until 3am (much to the dismay of my upstairs neighbors I’m sure) and then I had to kick people out so I could crash.
One last thing, I couldn’t resist going out and buying Scene It since I knew so many people were coming over. We played it in impromptu teams and it turns out that it is hard as hell. Don’t plan on buying this game for your kids because I’d be shocked if they knew half of the answers, it is really intended for the truly discriminating movie buff.  That aside it was pretty fun, we were a little perplexed by the big button controllers since the ‘X’ on them didn’t light up when you pressed it like regular xbox 360 controllers but it turns out that they are not truly blue tooth enabled controllers, they communicate via IR with a reciever that goes ontop of your TV. I don’t know why they went that rout… probably just being cheap. However I am looking forward to the next version of XNA which I heard will have drivers to allow you to use these controllers for your games.

Rockband and Homebrew

I just recieved my Rock Band gift from Magenic for being apart of the Magenic Technology Council, today. I think it’s time to keg my beer and have a Rock Band and Homebrew party finally!

If you’ve got nothing better to do and you live in the twin cities area send me an email and I’ll let you know how to get to my place!

By the way the beer is a ESB, so if you are of the American macro brew persuasian you might want to bring your own. I will probably try to pick up a case of something lighter but you never know.