Clipboard app released to Win8 App Store

Leo and I recently released an application to the Windows 8 app store. It’s a very simple app called Clipboard! Download it at the app store here:

Clipboard is OSS on codeplex here as well:

Author: justinmchase

I'm a Software Developer from Minnesota.

2 thoughts on “Clipboard app released to Win8 App Store”

  1. It does little to nothing!

    Just kidding, acts as a bridge between sharing and your clipboard. So from the app itself you can press the share button and it will share what is in your clipboard out to another app. If you share from an app it will act as a share target also, which will then put the shared content into your clipboard.

    Its especially useful to work between win8 apps and traditional desktop apps. A lot of desktop apps dont support sharing to or from so you need a simple bridge like this. Frankly it should just be baked into the OS but it wasn’t so we made this app.


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