Scrum in 5 Minutes | Stephen Walther

Scrum in 5 Minutes | Stephen Walther.

This is the best description of Scrum (the software development methodology) I have read so far. It’s just long enough to have details and just short enough to be able to read it all without going over your TL;DR threshold.

This is pretty similar to what we do at work so I can associate with the whole post. I do have a few problems with scrum however. But I am very glad to read the description about how story points are designed to solve the problem between the need for estimates and the difficulty of giving accurate estimates.

Atheist Voices of Minnesota

I recently contributed a chapter to what I think is a very remarkable anthology of short stories written by fellow Minnesota Atheists. It was a very nice experience to finally be able to write about the unusual path I have taken to both arrive in Minnesota and become and atheist. My contribution was a fairly personal story, partly about my time in a religious cult but also how it felt to loose my faith and the thought process that lead me to the conclusion that there is no God. It felt good to share it publicly and I hope you enjoy it.  The goal of the book was to provide positive and inspirational stories from regular people to show everyone that Atheists are just people too and to help provide some insight into what makes us tick. And maybe you are an atheist too? If so, with this book you may find a community of like minded people waiting for you.

The book is now officially published and available in print or ebook from various book stores. Please head over to the website for more details:

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