Children of Men

Recently, I subscribed to My thought was that I could finally listen to all of the books I have been wanting to read but have not had time. I have been listening to my audio books on my phone while driving, while running errands and while waiting for various things. I am a fan of audible and have definitely gotten my moneys worth so far.

I recently finished Children of Men, which was also a fantastic movie from 2006. The movie was both technically and artistically excellent. The most notable attribute of the movie for me was how they would shoot entire scenes several  minutes long without any cuts. It was an excellent sci-fi movie.


One other notable aspect of this movie is that it is one of the few book-to-movie translations that I would consider to be better than the actual book. It’s not to say that the book is not good but I think that by taking the movie in a completely different direction it made it both more exciting for the screen and maybe even more provocative; with the various characters and background activities. I did really enjoy the classic British understatement and muted sense of honor in the book, the ending wasn’t quite as bleak either.

In summary watch the movie if you haven’t but the book you should pick up if you really liked the movie and want some more.

Terminator Salvation = awesome

If you haven’t seen it yet definitely do it as soon as possible. It was a great addition to the terminator series and there wasn’t anything for me to complain about. It was non-stop action and very intense. I had high expectations and this movie didn’t let me down. My only complaint was that the previews probably told me more than I would have like to know, I wish they would have cut down on the revealing plot sections for those previews.

I think what I especially liked was the organic seeming movements of the T600’s, the CG was nearly flawless. And I also noticed a few really long single take scenes like Children of Men. It was definitely a sweet movie.

Geometry Wars Galaxies

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been somewhat MIA lately it’s completely due to Geometry Wars: Galaxies.

If you own a Nintendo Wii, do yourself a favor and go out and buy this game right away. It’s amazing. It’s exactly like the Xbox Live Arcade game of the same title (minus the galaxies) except with LOTS of diversity. There is a new “drone” feature where you get to pick a type of drone to take with you into battle and the more you use it the more your drone will go up in power. Some of the later levels are frankly impossible without the help of your drone. Besides just being incredibly fast paced and visually stunning the game is full of all sorts of clever little devices used to surprise you and change things up.

The only thing I would complain about this game was simply that it’s on the Wii. I mean I like the Wii and all but the controller you have to use is just too small for my hands for such a fast paced game. I’ll probably have to see if I can beat my old score on xbox live after all this practice.

Watch this video if you haven’t played geometry wars before:

Geometry Wars–4 Million

Rockband and Homebrew

I just recieved my Rock Band gift from Magenic for being apart of the Magenic Technology Council, today. I think it’s time to keg my beer and have a Rock Band and Homebrew party finally!

If you’ve got nothing better to do and you live in the twin cities area send me an email and I’ll let you know how to get to my place!

By the way the beer is a ESB, so if you are of the American macro brew persuasian you might want to bring your own. I will probably try to pick up a case of something lighter but you never know.