Atheist Voices of Minnesota

I recently contributed a chapter to what I think is a very remarkable anthology of short stories written by fellow Minnesota Atheists. It was a very nice experience to finally be able to write about the unusual path I have taken to both arrive in Minnesota and become and atheist. My contribution was a fairly personal story, partly about my time in a religious cult but also how it felt to loose my faith and the thought process that lead me to the conclusion that there is no God. It felt good to share it publicly and I hope you enjoy it.  The goal of the book was to provide positive and inspirational stories from regular people to show everyone that Atheists are just people too and to help provide some insight into what makes us tick. And maybe you are an atheist too? If so, with this book you may find a community of like minded people waiting for you.

The book is now officially published and available in print or ebook from various book stores. Please head over to the website for more details:

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Window Misbehavior

You know what drives me nuts? When you close a window and it doesn’t close… it just sits there mocking you with it’s continued existence. It’s probably saving something to disk or sending statistics to its mothership or maybe calculating the next chunk of bitcoin hashes. Who fucking knows, it just doesn’t close. You’re clicking furiously on that red X in the corner but it’s still there, laughing at the futility of your desires.

How long does it take to kill a process exactly? Clicking that window close button should not be giving control over to the window you’re trying to kill, it should immediately close the window against its will and give the app about 3 seconds to finish something up before the OS completely kills the process and reclaims it’s memory without mercy.

It’s to the point where I find myself doing a task manager kill more often than just closing a window normally. If you allow an app to misbehave it will misbehave. This is one of the reasons why I’m looking forward to Windows 8. Win8 apps adopt the model closer to phones and ios, where apps are sandboxed and at the mercy of the OS rather than the other way around. Apps get frozen and killed at the users whim and nearly instantly. It’s these types of issues that render the old desktop obsolete in my mind (along with modal dialogs).

Inspired by this rant on splash screens and apps misbehaving while opening:

Oracle Job Offers

I keep getting these form job offers to be an Oracle consultant from some guy.

Role: Oracle E Business Consultant
Location: Washington, DC
Duration: Very Long Term, will go for years

**Green Card or US Citizen Only.

Primary skill: (MUST HAVE)
Oracle e biz suite person, w/PMP and ITIL V3 certs.


As much as I’m excited for a job that will go on and on and on for years… I honestly couldn’t care less about Oracle so I decided to troll him a bit. Here’s my response to his standard new hire questions:


Full Name: Justin (The Dude) Chase
Contact No.: Yes?
Email ID: Email Ego: Email SuperEgo
Work authorization (GC or US Citizen): Yes, you’ll need that and you probably need a heavy equipment operators permit before you hire me.
Current Location (City, State): Everywhere.
Relocation (Yes/No): Will require daily flights on a private jet.
Availability: Married.
Availability for F2F interview, if client requests: Tomorrow noon. I’ll give you the address when you arrive.
Total IT Experience: Yes. I AM a total IT experience.
Relevant experience as per the requirement: Let’s just say that Al Gore didn’t actually invent the internet, he stole the idea from me.
Expected Rate/hr: 10 BTC
HitPoints: 75
THac0: 11


I added a few questions he seemed to have forgotten. It seemed relevant.

Two settings in IE9 I always turn off

Show only one preview per window

I have been struggling to find my tabs every since IE8 decided that abusing the fancy new Win7 window preview feature was a good idea. I use the order of the previews to keep track of which window is which not which tab is which. If you ever find yourself with more than one window those previews do more to hinder your ability to find the tab you want then help. And if you only have one window they’re still too small to help you much anyway.



Single words in the omnibar are still queries

If you type a single word into the omnibar in IE9 it will first look on your intranet for a machine of that name and attempt to connect to it instead of issuing a query to your default search provider like every other browser. This is an especially annoying feature because not only does it do something unexpected it’s typically a lot slower to find and connect to a local intranet machine than a search provider, so your query ends up spinning for a long time then taking you to some unexpected server. Not cool.

If it isn’t a URL then it’s a query!