C# as seen by languages with Type Inference…

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Ever since I started playing around with Boo this is exactly how I feel about declaring types for my variables…


IFoo foo = (IFoo)Fetch(arg);



foo = Fetch(arg) as IFoo


IFoo only ever needs to be written once on any given line. And if Fetch returned IFoo it wouldn’t need to be written at all. Being explicit is great and all, but being redundant is absolutely not.

Worse Than Win32 Programming

Here is my quote of the day from a conversation I had via instant messenger earlier today:

[13:04] justin chase: It’s not a native capability of .net winforms apparently
[13:04] justin chase: http://blogs.msdn.com/pedrosilva/archive/2005/03/09/391381.aspx
[13:04] Pat Cichanski: eck… win32 programming?
[13:04] justin chase: worse…
[13:04] justin chase: VB
[13:04] justin chase: :-X