Farewell Microsoft

For the past 6 years, almost to the week, I have been an employee of Microsoft. I was part of a small development team based out of an office in St. Paul, Minnesota. About 3 weeks ago our office was shutdown due to a wave of layoffs taking place in Microsoft and as a result I was also laid off. I have been given the option to relocate to Redmond and apply for a new job if I wish, but I have decided that I do not want to relocate right now after all. So it is at this point that I am saying farewell to Microsoft.

I worked on Expression Blend, Visual Studio and finally Internet Explorer. I have mostly enjoyed my time there, especially working with some great people over the years. It was not without its technical and social challenges to overcome but for the most part I come away from the experience better and stronger I believe. I believe the senior management and the changes they are making are actually good for Microsoft and look forward to seeing them ascend and take their rightful place among the tech giants once again.

I harbor no ill will towards Microsoft and I find myself feeling more relieved and excited to be onto a new chapter than I am worried or stressed, though this kind of uncertainty is never fun. So it is with mixed emotions I say farewell Microsoft, and thanks for all the fish.

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