paktc, an npm package

Just to learn about the process more I created a small and semi-useful (ok not-that-useful 🙂 npm package called paktc. Which stands for “Press any key to continue…”.

Which does exactly what the name implies; it prints out that message then waits for you to press something before continuing. This is a standard thing to be added to default console applications for C# and its useful for cases where you’re using an IDE (e.g. Visual Studio with nodejs tools extension) that pops up a command prompt and then quickly closes it again before you can see the results.

paktc (Press any key to continue…)

Prints ‘Press any key to continue..’ when in debug mode and waits for input before closing.


// your console application code here...

require('paktc') // Press any key to continue...


With [npm] ( do:

npm install paktc


It was a very interesting experience to work with npm, it’s amazingly easy and simple to use. I can’t imagine any significant platform in the future not having a comparable package manager and still being successful. You should check it out if you haven’t already.


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I'm a Software Developer from Minnesota.

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