Very Handy Addition to Linq

I have found this custom extension method to be extremely useful when working with linq:

public static IEnumerable<T> Cast<T>(this object value)
    var enumerableOfTValue = value as IEnumerable<T>;
    if (enumerableOfTValue != null)
        return enumerableOfTValue;

    var enumerableValue = value as IEnumerable;
    if (enumerableValue != null)
        return Enumerable.Cast<T>(enumerableValue);

    return Enumerable.Cast<T>(new[] { value });

Basically it lets you turn any object into an IEnumerable<T>. Its especially handy when working with an object and you don’t know if it’s a single object or a set.

Author: justinmchase

I'm a Software Developer from Minnesota.

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