Non Linear Presentation using SketchFlow

I’m giving a talk tonight on MetaSharp and I’ve decided to use SketchFlow instead of Powerpoint to present my talking points. The topic is complex and I want the audience to be more interactive and I want to be able to be flexible in how deep into a topic I can go without having to skip over slides. I’ve never done this before, or seen it before so I have no idea what to expect but I’m going to give it a try.

The people at the TCLangUG tend to be more interactive and fun than your typical straight presentation crowd anyway, so this should be a good forum for experimentation like this.

Anyway, I thought the map that SketchFlow makes of all the screens is pretty neat so I thought I’d put a snapshot of it here.


The white screen is the starting point and the various colors and layers are screens going deep and depper into a particular topic. The blue lines are connections between concepts.

While running the SketchFlow player I can use back and forward browser like buttons to navigate as well as use this exact map to jump to topics. I also have a list of all connections available and even some interactive controls on the screen itself that allow me to jump directly to a subject. This should be interesting!

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