CodeCamp Evaluation Results

Rating Avg: 7.7

I had a few good comments and a few negative ones. One person said “A bit shallow” and another person said “This went very deep”, so it can be a little hard to take something away from that. Maybe I’ll try to respond to various comments directly.

5, Could’ve been slightly better prepared, perhaps with more demos.

I agree with this, this commenter is probably specifically talking about the Ruby portion of the presentation. I want to apologize to Rubyists for not having a more solid demo there but Mike Frawley helped me show something at least and talk about it. Better than nothing at least :-/

9, This went very deep. I enjoyed the intro to BOO as well. I would have liked to seen at least one concrete example of how to do this with C# using extension methods.

I was thinking about showing a RhinoMocks example. That would have been better than just the simple elevator app samples. If you made this comment check out RhinoMocks or the Umbrella project for good examples of extension method driven APIs in C#.

5, A bit shallow – I wanted to hear more about M and Oslo

I wonder if this person came to the presentation expecting more M and Oslo? Or just saw me talk about it a little bit at the end and wanted to hear more. To be honest, I don’t know a lot about M or Oslo (except conceptually) but I know a lot about MGrammar (which is distinctly different). I’d love to do another presentation on that I think. Trying to hit that depth where its interesting for everyone isn’t easy I guess.

7, I dint had much background information

Well hopefully some of my general overviews of different kinds of DSLs and ways to use them helped you come away with a little something at least.

10, Very concise.  Now I know what a DSL is and why I should care.  Great examples, followed through with the same example through different DSL’s. Interesting points about AST injection and making cross cutting concerns easier to decipher.  Topped it off with an excellent grand finale.  Good job.

Thanks! I have to admit the Grand Finale was pretty sweet. For those of you not there I played my enhanced Song demo using MetaSharp, which was modified to play the Super Mario Brothers Theme Song using Console.Beep. Unfortunately I ran out of time to really dive into the workings of this more but next time MetaSharp might make an interesting presentation in and of itself.

6, Very general topic, hard to figure out how to apply what I learned.

Well that’s actually a big bummer. I might have focused on Boo more than some people would have liked specifically so I could have something concrete that people could take away. I hope this commenter isn’t dismissing Boo because that is what I was hoping, if anything, people could use to apply DSLs here and now. So if you’re still not sure how to apply your newfound DSL knowledge go try Boo!

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