Uninstalling Visual Studio 2008 on Windows 7 Beta

It turns out I accidentally installed the Trial version of VS 2008 off of MSDN. So that makes me a bonehead but as a dose of extra punishment it turns out there is a bug in the VS 2008 uninstaller on windows 7. So that is a real bummer. I’ve been struggling to uninstall it for a couple days now and I finally figured it out.

First I’ll start by saying I uninstalled everything related to VS. My Live writer plug-ins, my XNA stuff and Oslo stuff and I was still failing to uninstall. The trick is to go to the uninstall screen in the control panel and select “view installed updates”. There is an update for VS 2008 with almost the same title as the application itself, uninstall that then go back to the main uninstall screen and try again. This time it should work!

What an ordeal!

Author: justinmchase

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