Boo Presentation 2008

I am making available my boo presentation source code and slide deck in case anyone would like to take a look at it. It has many examples of the various features of boo. The way the presentation starts out is by quickly running through the boo slides and answering any preliminary questions as they come up then by going project by project down the list in the solution.

I gave this presentation at the Fall 2008 Twin Cities Code Camp and I will be giving it again November 11th at the Twin Cities Languages User Group.
Some of the various examples provided by this presentation include:
1.       Hello World!
2.       Strong Typing
3.       Type Inference
4.       Auto Casting
5.       Indentation for Blocks
6.       Object Oriented, uses the CTS
7.       Syntax features
a.       Array, List and Hash literals
b.      Slicing
c.       Comprehensions (generators)
d.      Time
e.      Commenting
8.       Regular expressions
9.       Functional
10.   Closures
a.       Lambdas
b.      Anonymous methods
c.       Currying
11.   Duck Typing and IQuackFu
12.   Extensibility
a.       Macros
b.      Attribute Macros
13.   Internal DSLs
a.       Specter
14.   Compiler Pipline

Author: justinmchase

I'm a Software Developer from Minnesota.

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