Boo Shirts

I think I am going to order some boo shirts, I want one for myself and I’ll probably give a few away at my upcoming boo presentations so I’ll order in bulk. Here’s the shirt:

If anyone wants one let me know because I can get them a little bit cheaper since there is a discount for bulk ordering. Send me an email directly with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Shirt size

We’ll work out payments be it through pay pal or some-other means. The price of the shirt will be exactly what I paid to have them made plus shipping. The more people who want one the cheaper they will be. If you’re willing to pay for international shipping than I’m willing to send it!

[EDIT] The cafe press widget I was linking to was broken so I just swapped it out with a picture of the actual shirt. See representing boo for more. I can still order more if you want.

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