Twin Cities Code Camp, April 2008 Wrapup

On Saturday I attended the Twin Cities Code Camp and had a great time. I presented on Visual Studio Extensibility and felt like it went pretty well. In addition to my talk I attended presentations about the ASP.NET MVC Framework, XNA and the new Parallel Framework (or PFX). I found all to be very interesting and educational.

There were lots of people at this code camp; it felt like it was completely full compared to the last couple of code camps. As usual the quality of the food and the swag was great and I managed to walk away with a 5 user SourceGear fortress license that I’ll have to try out sometime soon.
If you are interested I am making available for download the Slides and Source Code from my VSX presentation.
From what I hear there will be another Code Camp in October, be sure to check in on the RSS feed regularly so you can ensure be sure to sign up in time!

Author: justinmchase

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