Twin Cities XNA User Group December 2007

This month at the Twin Cities XNA User Group meeting is a “Member Project” event, where members will show and talk about their various XNA projects instead of having a guest speaker. It should be pretty intesting.

I’m planning on showing a demo of a game I created called DropIn. I have an post about the game with source code on an old abandoned blog somwhere but I will probably repost everything to this blog sometime in the near future (once I get it working again that is).

So if you’re interested in XNA, pizza or swag then you should definitely come on down and check it out. At the very least you should get a good laugh watching me trying to show off my game!

Come on down to Magenic, on December 20th, 2007 at 6:00PM.

Author: justinmchase

I'm a Software Developer from Minnesota.

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