Silverlight 3 and Expression 3

After months of top secret work at Microsoft my labors are nearly realized. Yesterday Silverlight 3 and Expression 3 were released as an RC. If you haven’t checked it out you should definitely go and play around with the new bits. Here is a overview from Soma himself:

Specifically I worked on the Photoshop Import functionality found in Expressoin Blend, Design and Web. It has been an exciting and rewarding project and I’m really looking forward to what is coming up next!

One of the other cool features to check out which was created by fellow Minnesotans, is Sketch Flow for Expression Blend. It’s a cool tool you can use to quickly prototype new applications and features.

MetaSharp mentioned on “M” Language Gallery


A simple Common Language Specification (CLS)-compliant, general purpose programming language for MetaSharp, a fully extensible, pipelined transformation engine that can be used for templated textual transformations (code generation), AST transformations and any combination thereof.
Justin Chase

There are a bunch of other cool grammars and Oslo related projects on there as well. Check em’ out.

MGrammar Quick Challenge 2 – Unordered and optional multi-projections

Given this grammar:

module test
    language test
        syntax Main = OneTwo*;
        syntax OneTwo
            =  o:One t:Two "\r\n"
            => Result { One => true, Two => true }
            |  Two One "\r\n"
            => Result { One => true, Two => true }
            |  One "\r\n"
            => Result { One => true, Two => false }
            |  Two "\r\n"
            => Result { One => false, Two => true };
        token One = "one";
        token Two = "two";
        interleave Ignore = " ";

How could I refactor the syntax “OneTwo” to have only a single projection?