The Greatful Undead

Here are some pictures of me from the recent zombie pub crawl:


This was before the application of blood but you can see the dangling severed arm complete with protruding bones.


Here we are on the bus on the way towards the crawl. Brittney has a golf ball stuck in her chest, it looks a little infected as well. By the time we got to the crawl this bus was totally full of zombies. The regular passengers were freaking out a little.

Good times.

For a more complete photo gallery of past crawls check out my flickr feed:


DSL DevCon 2009 Videos

The videos for the presentations at DSL DevCon 2009 are now online. You have to scroll down a ways to get to them but here is the link:

If you don’t have time to watch all of these then at least check out the video that everyone is talking about from the Intentional Software team:


SmallBasic at the Twin Cities Languages User Group

The next meeting of the TCLUG will be on the language Small Basic, presented by Jeff Klawiter. If you have an interest in learning a new language or have children that might be interested in getting into programming you should come to this presentation (and bring the kids)!

Oh yeah, and free pizza.